We would like to recommend to your attention the new publication “Perspectives on Platform Regulation | Concepts and Models of Social Media Governance | Across the Globe” by Judit Bayer (Ed.) Bernd Holznagel (Ed.) Päivi Korpisaari (Ed.) Lorna Woods (Ed.).

The publication treats the regulation of online social media platforms, which now determine the direction of public and private communication in our time. Their impact on society is greater than that of any traditional medium. Thus, there is an important need to regulate them. Various legislative attempts are currently being made in different parts of the world, particularly at the level of the European Union and most of its Member States.

Leading scholars in the field analyse the difficult questions and answers given by different countries. The book offers legislative solutions from different parts of the world, compares regulatory concepts and evaluates the use of algorithms.

Available also in open access!