With this title, a text by Professor Dariusz Szostek and Rafał Prabucki PhD, appeared on the popular science blog RAILS (Robotics and AI Law Society). Following the discussion undertaken by Professor Szostek on the pages of the journal Białostockie Studia Prawnicze (Is the Traditional Method of Regulation (the Legislative Act) Sufficient to Regulate Artificial Intelligence, or Should It Also Be Regulated by an Algorithmic Code?), this time the authors encourage a debate on the hypothesis that since AI is an algorithm, the way to regulate it should be the use of an algorithm containing legal norms, and further:

– how to make an effective incorporation of law into code?
– how should an algorithm work as a tool for regulating AI?
– who should be the creator of the algorithm(s) regulating AI? Legislator or private entity?

Although today this issue seems to have a futuristic significance, the authors believe that now is the best time to discuss it and to seek answers to the above questions in order to develop solutions that may bring many benefits in the future.

We encourage you to read the whole article and join the discussion on: https://blog.ai-laws.org/?p=2712&preview=1&_ppp=45091d3834&cn-reloaded=1