We invite you to a meeting with our consortium member Dr Gabriela Bar, which will take place on 14th December, 2:30 PM (CET) – Ca’ Bottacin | Camino room. The topic of the meeting will be Data in Smart Factory. Legal Aspects of Personal Data Protection, Automated Decision Making and Explainability of AI.


In the smart factory, which is the fundament of Industry 4.0, machines and humans are deeply interconnected, and the management of the supply chain relies to a great extent on data. The data produced in such context do not only refer to machines, to production or to industrial processes. Indeed, they can also be personal data, thus causing not only cyber-security challenges but also informational privacy risks, especially when there is fully automatic decision-making towards data subjects (including employees).

Increasingly sophisticated smart tools will make easier to make data re-personalisation. Even full anonymisation does not necessarily have to be effective in the future, because due to the dynamic technological development (especially ANN), what has been non-personal data so far may become personal data in the near future. The implementation of data subjects’ rights execution process in a complex environment is also a significant challenge, with particular emphasis on automated decision making and provision of explanation to data subjects.

More details at the link: https://www.unive.it/data/33113/25/55733