Call for Applications for DeFi Talents

Enrollment for the programme, which aims to enable innovators to learn about blockchain technology, in particular DeFi, to become leaders in this fast-growing industry, is open until September 22. For 18 weeks starting 11 October 2021, 100 selected candidates will be able to gain knowledge from global experts in the above fields, taking part in the programme completely remotely and at no extra cost. Participation in the programme can be useful for anyone who would like to:

  •  become a successful entrepreneur within a DeFi startup,
  •  become a programmer ready to work on DeFi applications or token protocols,
  •  become a lawyer helping to advise entrepreneurs and companies in the future,
  •  become an investor helping to shape the future of startups and protocols,
  •  become an influencer in the DeFi space.

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