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Where are we going​?

Information technology is spreading into ever new areas. They do not bypass the functioning of lawyers and the law itself, both private and public. To this end, a scientific consortium had to be set up to construct a scientific framework for LegalTech.

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Polish Banks Association Award for Professor Dariusz Szostek

Polish Banks Association Award for Professor Dariusz Szostek

During the recent Polish Banks Forum the Prof. Remigiusz Kaszubski Awards for 2021 were presented. The award is given to people whose activities in the field of E-banking and New Technology Law have been outstanding and creative. Among the awardees was a member of the...



22 to 26 August 2022 VU Amsterdam University This summer school, a world first, addresses the legal opportunities and challenges created by blockchain technologies (e.g., competition law, intellectual property, privacy law, financial regulation, etc). It is designed...

SHOP4FC – recruitment

SHOP4FC – recruitment

SHOP4CF has announced its second open call and is looking for systems integrators, manufacturing companies and developers, for a €1.2 million program. The funds (in the form of funding with no contribution required) can be used to solve real challenges in the...

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How do we work?

Virtual discussion space

Meetings are organised in the consortium for brainstorming purposes. The space for such events, as well as work, is Microsoft Teams.

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Cooperation with renowned publishing houses

The consortium cooperates with the renowned NOMOS publishing house in the case of English-language scientific texts, and with the C.H.Beck publishing house in the case of texts in Polish.

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Diversified team

The consortium team consists of theoreticians and practitioners from different countries and different scientific disciplines. The team includes, among others, lawyers, computer scientists, etc.

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Results of the work:


Internet and New Technologies Law

"Lawyers will not disappear. What will change is the way they function and the procedures they follow. Just as doctors have not disappeared despite the introduction of technological tools to support and sometimes replace their work (including advanced AI). However, they had to learn to use them."

dr hab. Dariusz Szostek, Prof. UŚ – team leader.

"The transformation of the judiciary is a natural process, occurring sometimes, however, too slowly. Today, in the world of new technologies, there is a need to adapt the judiciary to new realities and social expectations. Traditional adjudication of cases reveals more and more problems and becomes ineffective".

Prof. dr hab. Mariusz Załucki

"Clients, at least for now, are not going to hire robot lawyers, but this does not mean that lawyers can afford to be passive and wait passively for change."

Tomasz Zalewski